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Planningtorock – The One (Creeping Jaw RMX)

October 4, 2011




WDT/VSTM Archive June Update

June 24, 2011

Creeping Jaw Song

WDT007: Creeping Jaw Society – The Properties of Song

The seventh release for the archive is the first Creeping Jaw release I made, perhaps six or so years ago. My feelings on the quality of the release are documented on the archive page. Let’s just say Election Special or the live performance recordings have been better. The next release for the archive, assuming I’m given permission, will be Cataahn’s¹ Twinkle EP. The release will be available from sometime towards the end of July.


¹ Short lived improvising guitar/FX/devices/vocal duo comprising Chris Stokes and Lee Broughall, with my occasional guest appearance (WDT014 – An Upstairs Room)

Last FM Top Eight: Week Ending March 18th

March 21, 2011

Last FM
Another brief posting on what I’ve been listening to in the past week:

1 – Jonny Greenwood : Norwegian Wood OST

2 – Sean McCann : The Capital/Lower Decks

3 – Lukid : Chord

4 – Tape : Revelationes

5 – Lau Nau : Nukkuu

6 – Low : C’mon

7 – Semiun : Province

8 – Creeping Jaw Society – Election Special EP

A good week I think. Aside from the large number of random artists I listened to, sustained listening revealed one of my favourite tracks of the year so far (Sean McCann’s Aerial Sapphire Show). His release ‘The Capital’ is pretty amazing, in the way that drone albums often aren’t – it sounds…joyful. Not sure how this works. Johnny Greenwood’s soundtrack to Norwegian Wood was good, though largely expected. It didn’t take any grand departures from what you’d expect, but it was still enjoyable. Low’s new album sounds like The Great Destroyer and Drums and Guns never happened – both of which I liked very much. Lukid’s ‘Chord’ is best listened to via a seriously good bass system, or a decent pair of headphones. The production is genuinely lush. I also revisited my own ‘Election Special’ EP, largely to see what I would change a year on. I think my production techniques have improved quite a bit, not that I’ve put anything out to prove that, but perhaps this will spur me on to do so.

The next updates will be an April WDT/VSTM update, unsurprisingly happening in April, as well as a longish post on some gumpf I decide is important to concentrate on for an afternoon and pen 3000 words about. In May I’m going to have a punt at explaining where my PhD is going, seeing as that was the original purpose of this place. It has mutated.

Last FM updates

August 18, 2010

Just a small note to say that Heroines of the U.S.S.R, Creeping Jaw Society and Silk and Dogs now have tracks streaming and available for free download at Last FM, including a fair amount of stuff not available in the archive, such as the Cimmerian EP, A Map of Lost Causes, Winter, Dawn of Dogs EP and Nine Works for Piano in their entireties (The first two in that list are my favourites, or at least the things I am happiest with…the others are sort of an interesting look back at why my old ideas and production techniques weren’t so great). I’ll hopefully be adding much older material by the likes of The Fucking Fulfords, Ptolemy Pegram’s Big Noise Band, Kid In A Drawer and Garcia Dances The Jttrbg to the archive shortly as a way of cataloguing the old WDT/VSTM/School of Unthink stuff I have.

Last FM links:

The penultimate track in the Provinces project by Silk and Dogs will be posted tomorrow/Friday, but is already available on the aforementioned ( titled Yunnan), with a 30 second preview of the final track, unsurprisingly called ‘Tibet’, also available (full download from mid September). There will also be a ‘Recent Listening Habits’ post up shortly, using the helpful scrobbling service so beloved by everyone, to see what I’ve listened to in the last week or so. Early September, there will also be a sizeable post on horses. I’m not sure why.

Creeping Jaw Society – Hyperyawn

June 15, 2010

Download Hyperyawn

Creeping Jaw Society – Election Special EP

May 9, 2010

Creeping Jaw Society – Election Special EP

Download ZIP

Download Individual Tracks (scroll down to Creeping Jaw section)

The ‘Election Special EP’ was put together during the general election campaign, though the music doesn’t especially reference it…it was just an excuse to put some new work out. End communication (a long winded post on Newcastle, Jenny Holzer, Modernist/Brutalist architecture will appear this coming week)

RVR’s ‘Piano Tragic’

January 27, 2010

Just a quick one to say that Robin has completed a visual interpretation of a Creeping Jaw Society track I made a few years back called Piano Tragic. You can see the video here and read more about the how and why of the video here. The video should have an epilepsy warning, so consider yourself warned.


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