Garcia Dances The Jttrbg

Garcia Dances the Jttrbg started out as a duo, using only processed vocals, crushed contact mics, the light cube, an ebow, chinese worry balls and TRIBAL POWERS to create hazy drones and the feeling of an all-consuming fire. The range of equipment is currently in the process of expanding, and is likely to include an old synth and a guitar. Garcia are M J Stones and Rory.

Following a massive hiatus of two odd years (owing to geographical issues), Garcia returned to support Family Battlesnake and The Simpson Brothers at The George 2nd on August 14th 2008, as part of the VSTM sponsored Dislocation Festival. The event was a large success, and was repeated in 2009, Garcia performing alongside Black Carrot, Same Actor and many more.

As of May 2010, Garcia reconvened with much rejuvenation; this result in a series of recordings and remixes which will be made available in one form of another shortly. For a version of one of the recording session tracks, click here

Garcia have two records available in the WDT/VSTM Archive

WDT009 – Millionaire
WDT015 –  Flame Preparation EP

Both of these records utilize vocals, some ebow on a guitar, the mighty Line6 DL4 and the Buddha Machine (clearly audible if you pick it apart) as well as brass instruments in places and a megaphone that was a prize for collecting 20 orange Tango cans in the 90s, but I think M J Stones actually stole it from Pank.



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  1. Chris Stokes » A couple of weeks ago I travelled to York and recorded a session… Says:

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