Personal Audio Archive

The Audio Archive will collect works together that both relate to the ongoing research projects at the Institute and those from from prior to the establishment of T.I.S.A.R. These can include works from the artists mentioned on the site, and also from external contributors.

For further information about the tracks listed on this page please consult the relevant artists pages.

Audio (Right Click and Save As)

Heroines of the U.S.S.R
WDT001: Absorbent Kid, Pasture, Winner
WDT002: Winter
WDT004: Eiote Zwn
Submerged Ballroom (from Moreau’s Lament)
Camping Out at The Old Boathouse (from Moreau’s Lament)
Orpheus and Eurydice (from Orpheus and Eurydice)
Dance of the Cryptids (from A Map of Lost Causes)
December 20th (from Winter)
βρίσκουμε μια θέση(from ‘είστε ζωή’)
March 6th (from Spring Snow)
York Is Burning (Previously Unreleased track – 2003)
Afternoon (from the Cimmerian EP)

Creeping Jaw Society
WDT003: Remixemedial
WDT007: The Properties of Song
Election Special EP
1. Five Minutes to Three
2. How We Get Things Done In Mexico
3. Joanna in The Maze of Icons
4. Your Mark
5. The Result

Misc Tracks

Older material
Live at PR3 Part 1 – Dec 2008
Live at PR3 Part 2 – Dec 2008
Piano Tragic (from Nine Works for Piano)
Spinning Plaits – Unreleased Reworking
Mark Rothko’s Rectangle (from The Properties of Song)

Garcia Dances the Jttrbg
WDT009: Garcia Dances The Jttrbg – Millionaire
Untitled 4 (from the Flame Preparation EP)
Untitled 6 (from the Flame Preparation EP)

Silk and Dogs
Death in China – Whole Album Zip File
The Provinces project Zip File
Provinces Project Oct ’09 – Xinjiang
Provinces Project Nov ’09 – Guangdong
Provinces Project Dec ’09 – Beijing
– Provinces Project Jan ’10 – Qinghai
– Provinces Project Feb ’10 – Anhui
Provinces Project March ’10 – Liaoning
Provinces Project April ’10 – Shanxi
Provinces Project May ’10 – Jiangsu
Provinces Project June ’10 – Heilongjiang
Provinces Project July ’10 – Gansu
Provinces Project Aug ’10 – Yunnan
Provinces Project Sept ’10 – Tibet

Fingerprint Minutes (Heroines version of 8 Minutes)

Further uploads from Silk and Dogs and Heroines of the U.S.S.R will be available during 2010


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