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Guest post: Lee Broughall

January 27, 2014

A paragraph or so of text for Matt in order to contextualise video number V077A – Review of specified time period in allegory 2006-2013.

The second half of 2013 was vastly different to the seven preceding years. I used to spend my days in front of a computer screen in an office, broadly cut off from the world. Now I spend my days in front of a computer screen in a spare bedroom, broadly cut off from the world.

Whilst I am contractually obliged not to detail the events leading to this change in circumstances, the past year has nevertheless had a significant impact on the content of my continual march towards death.

Resultingly, I have decided to attempt an expression of recent themes through the combination of two hitherto uncombined film scenes. Since it would be unwise for me to comment further, given the aforementioned contractual obligation, I will allow you, dear reader/watcher, to draw conclusions that are subject to the whims of your own prejudice and experience. You’re welcome.


Guest Post: Chris Stokes

January 20, 2014

For his January/New Year guest contribution to T.I.S.A.R, Chris wanted to highlight some of his photographic work. Pictures first (which are pretty damn impressive), information second.


About Chris:

Former member of Tomfire et al, Chris studied for his BA in Photography and Video at the University of Lincoln, graduating in 2005 with a First Class Hons. With job prospects in a slump, Chris took a year off to live and work in Japan where he began to develop a taste for street photography, especially the phenomenon of sleeping in public places – a habit the Japanese seem to embrace.

Upon returning to the UK, Chris found employment as a graphic designer, a role which eventually led him to London and to a career as a freelancer.

With fingers in all pies, Chris continues to shoot photos and videos alike, often in collaboration with long term friends and fellow artists and creatives.

Some words from Chris:
“Throughout my travels, I amassed a ridiculous number of photos and having made the (tentative) switch to digital back in 2002, this means several hard drives worth of photos, most of which have never seen print, or until now, any outlet at all.

Having used services such as Photobucket and Picasa from the early stages and watched them fall at the feet of the mighty Flickr (a service I have struggled with due to the strangle hold of Yahoo) I’ve finally decided to launch my own photo-blog / portfolio and allow my photos a life of their own. I’ve long loved Tumblr (although that too is now owned by the Demon Yahoo) so it just seemed the best place to do it.

Please feel free to follow me, reblog and share my pics, just please link back to me. And if you need a photographer or have an idea, give me a shout!”

More information (including larger versions of all the images above) is available here.

The next post will be a New Year contribution from Lee Broughall.

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