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WDT/VSTM Archive: tomfire – Lincoln 1908 EP

June 24, 2013

Lincoln 1908 EP

WDT019: tomfire – Lincoln 1908 EP

The final tomfire release I think, recorded, as Lee reminds me, on a Fostex VF160 on the 19th and 20th of August. My recollections are vague for some reason, though I do recall setting up the drum kit in the window of Chris’ massive room in Lincoln (opposite an arboretum of some such). The recording sessions were long, and 1908 is – I think – the result of careful editing of much longer recordings, including an hour long 1.11am, though this is not featured. As ever, song titles were stumbled across using the method of me saying something stupid e.g. Eat Your Grapes And Ignore It. The archive will more expansive notes on this release, and a track list, in the near future. For now, here’s a bullet point summary of what happened from Lee’s perspective:

    • The greasy swindler.
    • Old man bin bag.
    • A girl that was staying upstairs who Bluetoothed some possibly risqué photos to Chris.
    • Frisbee in the ‘abbatoir’
    • Listening to Glen Miller on the way home, although Matt (me) said it was Glen Campbell.

The record was listed on various sites, including Animal Psi where it was described as

‘Ultra long EP (50 minutes) showcasing tomfire’s unique collapsing sound. Three guys playing a variety of instruments from trumpets and tangled guitars to beat boxes and homemade reverb units. This EP features four of their older tracks (Pipe, Pillows, Grapes, Bank) plus four new experimental works, each recorded live at an empty Victorian house in Lincoln. Comes housed in its own hand printed jacket.’

I genuinely cannot remember if I wrote this or if they did. Norman Records described it/us as

‘Avant rock improv outfit, featuring live jams, electronic deconstructions and complicated guitar work’.

More to follow…


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