WDT/VSTM Archive: Ptolemy Pegram’s Big Noise Band – Pram Noise

(this is genuinely the largest cover art photo I have)

So despite being called a band, Ptolemy’s was actually just me, except when it came to a live setting (Live at The Oil Disco had 6 members or so as I recall: more on this when it appears next in the catalogue). Some of the stuff on this particular record – for which Thos designed the cover – is horrendous, by which I mean noisy (kind of the point) and seriously rough around the edges. A wealth of half thought through notions and partial connections. Oh well.

I still think this has some nice work on it. A lot of it seems to be constructed with VST/VSTis that were still in beta testing, meaning it’s unlikely I’d have got the same sort of results if I tried something similar today. More importantly, it was an opportunity to experiment that would eventually yield a wealth of new directions and techniques that could be incorporated elsewhere. I think this was the first time I used a cymbal as a primary instrument, for example, and this subsequently became a mainstay of Heroines work, both live (the one time that happened) and recorded. What I remember of the making of the record was that it was fun to do, which hasn’t necessarily been the case with other records. Any way…more reflections on the Archive page.


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