WDT/VSTM Archive: uncle-mum – Make Your Own Hole


WDT017: uncle-mum – Make Your Own Hole

The seventeenth release for the archive is uncle-mum’s Make Your Own Hole (the entry on the archive page will be updated shortly – awaiting art work and a blurb better that my forthcoming ruminations). Ceri was the first signing to WDT from outside of the usual suspects. My memory of initial involvement came first from the name (uncle-mum felt like a relation to uncle dad, a term we used to describe the strange and ambiguous familial relations of a friend of ours), and then from a meeting at the fountain in Parliament Street, where I accompanied Ceri to a gig at the Art Space next to the pool club opposite Clifford’s Tower. We collaborated on a number of bits of music – and possibly will again – but I shall hold back on offering too much information as some of this is catalogued in later releases. The next release from the archive will be WDT018: Ptolemy Pegram’s Big Noise Band – Pram Noise


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