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WDT/VSTM Archive: Heroines of the U.S.S.R – Dawn of Dogs EP

February 12, 2013

WDT016: Heroines of the U.S.S.R – Dawn of Dogs EP

For the first archive update of 2013, we have reached no.16, which is about half way through if we include the VSTM releases. The Dawn of Dogs EP was recorded seven years ago, although the opening track was actually made in 2003; this track was composed on the Novation K-Station with relatively little post-production and was the first long track I had ever made. The track, like the others, was augmented with some crackle from a record player I found in the attic of one of the houses I used to live in in Norwich, with a bit of delay for good measure. The other two tracks used reworked sound from the original files, again using Cubase to change tone, pitch, duration and sustain – as well as applying a variety of effects – to create the final pieces.

The idea behind the release was a sort of mundane invasion, with potential links back to the Pink Floyd album Animals. At the time I was working on a book called Sunshine and Power LinesĀ which featured a long story in the centre involving the disappearance of animals; this was a sort of response to that, an aural explanation of where they might have gone.

The excellent art work is by long-time collaborator Lee Broughall (tomfire, Badgerwood Commission amongst others)

The next archive update will be WDT017: uncle mum – Make Your Own Hole


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