Liam Butler 2: Kid Koala – 12 Bit Blues

Kid Koala

The last time I listened to an album creating loops from old-school 20s blues samples was Moby’s Play, less said about that the better (do I lose indie hipster credentials for admitting that while a 15 year old boy I loved Everloving from Moby’s Play). 12 Bit Blues will not have songs featuring on Thornton’s adverts (Everloving), it will not have quirky videos starring Christina Ricci and hopefully it will not lead to Kid Koala revealing he’s played “knob touch” with various Ninja Tunes DJs. However, this album is typical of what you expect of a Kid Koala album. A DJ not the least bit concerned with creating a catchy hook with some basic beat noodling, here is DJ more concerned creating layered, warped, ambient, nuanced, catchy hooks and beat noodle soup. Jesting aside, 12 Bit Blue has some eerie but bouncey tracks and if you like your blues you can just make out a handful of the artists from the riffs and one liners which are stretched to perfectly languid effect.


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