Liam Butler 1: Angel Olsen – Halfway Home

Liam has kindly provided four concise reviews of some of his favourite music from 2012, which will be posted here over the next week. This will sort of round off the Review, although there will be a few more pieces published later in the year (perhaps I’ll wait until Nov/Dec time for comedy value). Any way…

Angel Olson

As any lonely, alt-country nerd will confess (because let’s face it, they’re all lonely, that’s why they’re listening to alt-country), there’s nothing more appealing than an alt-country songstress. Being the alt-country nerd that I am(albeit not lonely) I fell in love with Angel Olsen’s music voice last year when I heard her digi-release Strange Cacti EP. Much like at what I imagine finding a mint copy of Detective Comics , #27 or an OKeh 78 at a “yard-sale” would be like, Angel Olsen was a treasure I came across as a result of doing some research into artists who had worked with Bonnie Prince Billy (please check out Cairo Gang which is Angel Olsen’s other band with Emmet Kelly BPB’s long serving guitarist, Oscar Parson’s band Thomas A. Minor and Matt Sweeney’s early releases with Chavez). Halfway Home has the feel of my favourite Sun Records songs, especially those by Roy Orbison and Elvis. Sadly for me Halfway Home is another digital only release but one which justified my purchase of the album from her site as well as Spotify Premium because there is always one point in the day where I long to hear the folky-poignant Acrobat or the lo-fi  Free and sneak off to have a listen.


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