Heroines of the Archaic Horizon

A Map

The folks at Archaic Horizon have put out/uploaded/made available a record of mine called A Map of Lost Causes. It can be found here. Dan at Archaic has given it an insanely complimentary write-up for which I am very thankful and flattered. To add my own two cents to Archaic’s, the 9 pieces on the recording mark a voyage made by an unnamed explorer across a vast continent, and the horrific and peculiar people and places he comes in to contact with. It is loosely based on the fictional continent of Indeshada,the topography of which makes up the setting for a book I am working on. I believe it is what’s known as a concept album, but then they all. I’ve got one about a guy drowning whilst camping out with his friends next to a lake. If I’d thought about it, it would tie in nicely with Halloween. Perhaps I’ll save that until next year.

Any way, Map, like Winter before it, contains a piece that I am genuinely proud of making, which required almost no reworking in the sense that it came out like some sort of fully-formed music baby. Yeh. That’s a description that makes sense. Dance of the Cryptids, which was already floating about on the archive here would be the name of it. I am also found of the track The Future because it took a long time to get it to a stage I was happy with, and is a bit much for nine minutes or so in length as it essentially repeats the same phrase whilst gradually destroying itself. I suppose that is a kind of homage to Disintegration Loops except that there’s no life-changing story to go along with it; I’d recently moved to York when I made the album. That’s it.

Oh, and the excellent cover art is Robin’s creation. Huge thanks on that, it looks amazing.

In other news, I am presenting a paper at the Music and Meaning symposium on November 7th, discussing the use of archives in the work of Jon Brooks (The Advisory Circle) and William Basinski (there’s a link to something I was just talking about…neat little segue), but viewed through Deleuze and Bergson obv! It’s a reduction of a piece I’m hoping to get accepted by a journal – no names – so I’m only really looking at ‘sheets of past’…time constraints and audience boredom also have an impact…so I may add it up here after I’m done and if it doesn’t tank to badly. I’ve set the bar relatively high for myself in terms of the obscurity of the things I’m combining to form a narrative; John Cage playing a cactus, a boy being electrocuted whilst trying to collect a frisbee and September 11th 2001. Let’s see how that pans out…


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