The Recollections of Cohorts

Over Christmas I went through a number of boxes that had been sitting on top of a wardrobe in my parents house for a number of years. Inside one of the boxes I found some notes for a project which was never finished (like most of them), apparently based on some sort of hybird mega dream that everyone I knew – almost – was involved in. I think at the time I was curious to know whether or not there was any commonality between themes or images; I meant this not in the standard way of the Dream Dictionary sort, but rather that people I knew might have similar things happening as a result of knowing one another. Something like that. They are also nice and sketchy because I took notes as people spoke, rather than letting them write them themselves. Not sure why that is. So here is that list. Any one involved who might read this is welcome to try and remember if these descriptions are accurate or not. Any way, I think one of the sheets is missing. Any patterns? I see alarms, animals and lots of running.

Liam 1
Taken over by gorillas. A gorilla threw him off the cliff

Football match. West Ham versus Arsenal. Looked at the screen and it was rugby

Walking through town with a giant. Talking about it to people. Giant lives beneath the town. When it wakes up it chases people. They are all running away from it. He tries to go through a fire escape but it wont open.


Lee 1
On a plane, crashed in California. It’s on the East Coast for some reason. A constant map. In a big house. Soap opera story line. 3 year gap where something happened. Something needed doing, an urge. Lots of water involved. Dark house. Old woman there.

Cafe in a volcano. All dressed in period costume. All the time you can see the lava welling up.

Munna 1
Lights keep going off. Standing by the switch. Saw some kind of creature and told him to fuck off.

Walking up the road with Andrew and younger brother coming towards her. A big car transporter explodes over the hill. Hides under a coat. Finger cut, then war, big guns, helicopters.

Liam 2
People try and tell him something. Speaking too softly to hear. He says he has no dreams really. Incredibly large people holding forks – small people big forks. All eating some stinking shit. When they speak it is all in French horns.

Went to the house, but it is all burnt and cold. Then breathing out, people float off in the air with it. Little lads. On a plane and the passengers turn on her, leave her behind.

Dating Will Young from Pop Idol, cheating on him with a first year. A man came along and used the climbing frame as an executioners block. Woke up as sister was killed.

In a house with a big kitchen filled with lots of words. Three animals are there in the garden – a massive badger, a rabbit and a fox. Home alone. They are trying to break in.

Walking along A Block, Luke shouting, he’s dressed like a French aristocrat. Says something about Rachels aunt, how she hates Rachel’s mum. Mick thinks he murders him, but there is no physical attack. He’s at the bottom of some stairs. After a fall?

Slit tyres on car. Running down stairs so fast she takes off.

On a trampoline. Gets so high the sky starts coming down.

Asleep in an apartment in Turkey. Mum went out, doesn’t know where she is. A bell rings. Runs to the door yelling. A man dressed as the devil. With cement, he starts bricking up the door. Behind him is all fire.

Lee 2
Where the common room is. John Candy was playing pool jockey. The brown ball kept getting bigger and smaller. Chevy Chase demonstrated magic tricks with string. Asked for fruit to be stolen. Started a conga line. John Candy joined in. Round to what was the [not sure what the was/is] but changed in to a shitter with a buffet, which the conga line snaked around. Woman shouted stuff. Weird curly hair. Same as the other dream. Swimming pool people are swimming.

On a remote island. Hunted down by cannibals. Some people are eaten. Made a raft, went to sea.

Eating dinner at school. Fire bell rings but it is the wolf alarm. Everyone runs down a staircase under the floor and puts on headphones. Sarah is the last one down. She runs through lots of cages where wolves were presumably kept. The dream cuts, and she’s outside her home, in a carriage, getting married to a female wolf.


By Junior School, taking a piss. Funny feeling. Shadow across the toilet. Goblin thing came out and grabbed at him, folded him in half and threw him in the bin. Screaming.

Going to school naked.

Munna 2
Screaming somewhere, so leaves house. Outside the library. People on the floor with slit throats. No blood on people, just on walls and ceiling. A voice repeats ‘nothing you can do…’. Went to J. Saw people alive there – outcast brother and a girl. Girl mouths ‘death is gonna get you’. Looked up towards a skylight, shadow there. Climbed to roof to find shadow but it is gone. Something grabs his leg. He wakes up.

A final unattributed note at the top of the last page says ‘the sprinkler people’.


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