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WDT/VSTM Archive Update: November

November 26, 2011


  • WDT011: Cataahn – Untitled EP
  • According to this, I suggested I’d be back posting on Nov.5th. Well, that was a lie. I’ve been away getting married and making sure I have a semi decent research chapter written up so that I can actually, you know, complete a PhD eventually. Any way, that’s enough of my excuses for being lame. Or a lame wad. Whatever the kids are calling it.

    This month’s archive release is Cataahn’s Untitled EP. Again, utilising home made reverb (the Trans cock) – I’ll see if Lee can furnish me with a picture at some stage – delay, guitar, vocals and various other effects, Stokes and Broughall cobble together a curious and at times unsettling¬†concoction of distant melody and half heard remembrance. It’s tentative, exploratory, meandering and odd, which I guess is why I like it. There’s a nice passage between 4mins and 10mins where vocals routed through the Trans cock and DL4 (I think) collapse in on themselves, accompanied at first by an off kilter American National Anthem and then by some plaintive guitar…

    A little more info is available on the Archive page. The next release, a new year one, will be Tomfire’s Best Of (though I’ll have to check with the rest of the band first). In reality, I think this was the first release we had on the label, but I’d pushed it down in the catalogue…not sure why.

    Hopefully, before Christmas, I’ll have two or so more article to put up to accompany Ralph’s earlier piece on belief…don’t hold me to it though. I’ve also complete, as Heroines of the U.S.S.R, a new album of sorts titled Moreau’s Lament which is obviously highly conceptual and features a group of people who go camping at a haunted boat house, one of them goes for a swim, finds a submerged ballroom full of mutated animals (hence ‘Moreau’) and is subsequently drowned. During this escapade, he is also dumped by his fiance. Ha.


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