WDT/VSTM Archive September Update















Now I realise that my last archive update suggested that Rory – Our Chemical Dream was the next release, but it is in fact KIAD; Rory is, according to the notebook, a little way off yet. Any way…

Kid In A Drawer were a short lived but, I think, successful offshot from the WDT farm. To begin with, it comprised myself and Stokes, using mixing desks and feedback loops, with the occasional input from keyboard or the Buddha Machine. KIAD would later be bolstered, in Stokes’s Japan absence, by Uncle Mum whose bass amp and effects greatly improved and rounded our sound. Less shrill, more rumble. We performed two gigs as I recall, both at The Basement Bar in York. The first we rather improbably headlined (which became the VSTM release ‘Live in York’, which I feel is our best recording), and the second we supported Jez Riley French. He makes excellent contact mics and alike. More info here.

The next WDT/VSTM release, which will probably be up in a fortnight or so before teaching starts up again, will be Cataahn’s Untitled EP.


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