WDT/VSTM May Update


WDT006: The Fucking Fulfords – Live at Whitethorn

For the May update, we conclude the short-lived recording career of The Fucking Fulfords, an improv group named after a sweary aristocrat who was briefly on Channel 4. This release features four personnel, two new two old, and a new location – the top of Liam’s staircase. The sound is better than the previous release, though these things are all subjective aren’t they. The June release will be another stab at Creeping Jaw Society, a ragtag release of half thought through and half composed tunes on a record called ‘The Properties of Song’.

Also, as you may/may not have noticed, updating listening habits via lastfm is now going to be very sporadic. I’m going to try and not post anything up here unless it is long and rambling or related to the archive.

Postscript – Just wanted to share a final thought from Simon Reynolds, from his new book Retromania:

There’s a delirious quality to the archive fever raging across the web…It’s like some kind of blind data-swarming drive, as if we are ants or bees building a vast construction whose ultimate purpose is beyond our ken. Which is perhaps why techno-utopians are so tempted to talk mystically about the noosphere as an emerging macro-intelligence. But another way of seeing it would be as a gigantic data dump, the collective archive as landfill.

I think perhaps he’ll be all over the Adam Curtis thing tonight. Me too.


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One Response to “WDT/VSTM May Update”

  1. Broughall Says:

    What delightful cover work.

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