WDT/VSTM April Update


WDT005: The Fucking Fulfords – Live at The Firs

For the April update, we have the first of two Fulford’s releases. More information on this release can be found on the archive page. The May release will be WDT006: The Fucking Fulfords – Live at Whitethorn, which featured new personel, and a slightly improved sound. It was the final Fulfords release, as the live Neighbours sound track sadly never happened.


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3 Responses to “WDT/VSTM April Update”

  1. Broughall Says:

    Truly excellent cover art ‘design’. I especially like the subliminal City Link advertising.

    Also, I look forward greatly to the ‘new personal sound’ of the next archive release, which I imagine will have equally stunning cover ‘design’.

  2. The Institute of Spectralogical Audio Research Says:

    You may just be on to something there. I correct typos only when harassed. Was the picture taken from the front whilst driving?

    • Broughall Says:

      I thought this was an image taken through the rear – or out of the window – of Christopher’s Metro. However, the layout of the compositional elements does suggest a snap through the front. I doubt that I would have photographed the journey whilst driving. Perhaps I was in the left-front seat.

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