Last FM Top Eight – Week Ending Apr 1st

Last FM
This/last weeks top listens…starting with a nice picture of the number 1 (who wins largely because the album is 22 tracks of not more than 3 mins in length).

1. Roj – The Transactional Dharma of Roj

2. John Zorn – Naked City

3. Actress – Splazsh

4. Arve Henriksen – Strjon

5. Vessels – Helioscope

6. Emanuele Errante – Time Elapsing Handheld

7. Yume Bitsu – Self Titled

8. Murcof – Martes

Hadn’t listened to Zorn in an age, so much so that I’d forgotten almost completely what Naked City sounded like, so it was surprising all over again which was a welcome addition to the week. Roj was very Ghost Box (I’m currently submitting some writing on Ghost Box, hence the prevalence for Advisory Circle and The Focus Group these past few weeks), or more precisely he was very The Focus Group, but that is the joy of having to maintain an aesthetic. I wonder how many demos they receive as a label, and how long it takes for rejigged library music to get on your tits? (Personally, I love it and I’m not sure why…perhaps because I like books). Yume Bitsu, whose self titled 1999 album – along with Murcof’s Martes – was a return to my old listening habits, was chosen because it was the sort of thing I used to write fiction to, and I decided in light of the possibly large – though I may refine – post I’m writing on my own fiction for this blog, I should see if I can recapture the magic. It reminds me specifically of my third year at University, when I was finishing off Sunshine and Power Lines in my shitty little room on Lincoln Street in Norwich. If only I’d beaten Laura in coming back from the summer holiday I could have had the huge room. Oh well. Considering my penchant for ambient soundscape type composers, I’m surprised I hadn’t found Emanuele Errante until now – Time Elapsing Handheld is a cracking release that combines acoustic instrumentation and computer jiggery buggery to great effect. Vessel’s Helioscope was also enjoyable in its raffish post-rock-for-a-new-decade type stylings…interesting things done within the well established trope of build and wane.

Hopefully a biggish post on my own approach to fiction coming next. I’m at a conference on the 11th, looking at the future of sociology, so I will report back on it in a way that is perhaps more polite than the way I rubbished the subcultures one last year. And an update on the archive shortly, and on the PhD. I need to be held to account – I promise these things but I forget/put off so easily. I used versions of ‘jig’ twice in this post.


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4 Responses to “Last FM Top Eight – Week Ending Apr 1st”

  1. Thom Dicomidis Says:

    You may have used jig twice, but never directly as dance. Or as the full jiggery pokery form… Enjoy your conference.

  2. Robin Van Rijn Says:

    Vessels played to 10 people in Luton at the George, it was pretty cool none the less.

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