Last FM Top Eight: Week Ending March 18th

Last FM
Another brief posting on what I’ve been listening to in the past week:

1 – Jonny Greenwood : Norwegian Wood OST

2 – Sean McCann : The Capital/Lower Decks

3 – Lukid : Chord

4 – Tape : Revelationes

5 – Lau Nau : Nukkuu

6 – Low : C’mon

7 – Semiun : Province

8 – Creeping Jaw Society – Election Special EP

A good week I think. Aside from the large number of random artists I listened to, sustained listening revealed one of my favourite tracks of the year so far (Sean McCann’s Aerial Sapphire Show). His release ‘The Capital’ is pretty amazing, in the way that drone albums often aren’t – it sounds…joyful. Not sure how this works. Johnny Greenwood’s soundtrack to Norwegian Wood was good, though largely expected. It didn’t take any grand departures from what you’d expect, but it was still enjoyable. Low’s new album sounds like The Great Destroyer and Drums and Guns never happened – both of which I liked very much. Lukid’s ‘Chord’ is best listened to via a seriously good bass system, or a decent pair of headphones. The production is genuinely lush. I also revisited my own ‘Election Special’ EP, largely to see what I would change a year on. I think my production techniques have improved quite a bit, not that I’ve put anything out to prove that, but perhaps this will spur me on to do so.

The next updates will be an April WDT/VSTM update, unsurprisingly happening in April, as well as a longish post on some gumpf I decide is important to concentrate on for an afternoon and pen 3000 words about. In May I’m going to have a punt at explaining where my PhD is going, seeing as that was the original purpose of this place. It has mutated.


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