Last FM Top Eight – Week Ending Mar 4th

Last FM
I realised that seeing as I display the top 8 artists on the Last FM page, I should probably only list the top visible 8. So that happens from here on out:

1 – The Declining Winter: Haunt The Upper Hallways

2 – Jamie XX and Gil Scott-Heron: We’re New Here

3 – Harald Grosskopf: Synthesist

4 – Peaking Lights: 936

5 – Bela Bartok: String Pieces 1927-1934

6 – Gowns: Dangers of Intimacy

7 – Warm Ghost: Uncut Diamond EP

8 – Erik Levander: Mars EP

This week was governed by a large amount of work, and some new releases that had been sent my way by old radio colleagues, so I didn’t have a huge amount of time for listening…or at least not paying attention. When I did though, I caught Synthesist, Harald Grosskopf’s album, which was/is a beautiful revelation which I wholeheartedly recommend to everyone. Peaking Lights were interesting, and part of what I think is being called hypnagogic pop – the genre came up on WMP as ‘Washed Out’, which is apt. Warm Ghosts were nicely distorted and have a grand track called Claws Overhead. The Declining Winter seemed appropriate for early March. Bartok is largely there to break it up with some random string pieces.

Next week – a PhD update and the March WDT/VSTM archive release. It’s another by Heroines of the U.S.S.R, with an interesting back story to it. After that, there isn’t a Heroines release for a while as far as I can remember from the catalogue. Additionally, the numbers assigned to the catalogue disappear fairly shortly, owing to bad paperwork, so I’ve attempted to rearrange and assign based on when I reckon the record came out. If anyone knows otherwise, please tell me.


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