A Dazzling World of New Media Delights

In an attempt to catalogue and freely distribute music that I and others made as part of a collective known as WDT/VSTM/School of Unthink, I am starting to upload the old records we ‘pressed’ between (roughly) 2005-2010. There is, as you may notice, a new page in the right hand navigation bar towards this end. At the minute, I am just uploading records on which I am a contributing musician, in the sort of order they were created in, as I feel it would make sense to check with fellow musicians before distributing their work for nothing, but hopefully there will be a sizeable selection from all involved. As much as I dislike the idea of mythologizing the recent past, I will attempt to accompany the releases with some sort of back story or anecdotes. Eventually, I hope to have a collection of all the things I have spent the last 10 years doing, before I move off in to other spheres and circles and these things increasingly fall away in to an increasingly foggy past.

The first contribution on the new page is some back story, and the first release on the label, a CD by me (as Heroines) called Absorbent Kid, Pasture, Winner

I’m hoping to add a new contribution every month or two, and with the amount of records and live material out there, this will take about 3 years. Woo. A new project for me.


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