Listening Habits – Week Ending 22nd October

A short update on what has been playing on my ‘stereo’, using Last FM as a way of keep track. I’m sick, so I’m putting zero effort in to elaborating on these choices.

Terry Riley – Music for The Gift

Morton Feldman – Complete Works for Two Pianists


Gianfranco Pernaiachi – Sillabe D’ombre

Darkstar – North

Jack Sparrow – Circadian

oOoOO – oOoOO

Philip Jeck – An Ark for The Listener

David Sylvian – Sleepwalkers


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3 Responses to “Listening Habits – Week Ending 22nd October”

  1. Pete Says:

    Is Sleepwalkers worth a listen? I really enjoyed Manafon last year.

    • The Institute of Spectralogical Audio Research Says:

      Sleepwalkers is ok. Not a patch on Manafon. The collection is a bit too polished for my liking, though the last track, which is just Sylvian on guitar is nice, and perhaps an interesting direction for him to take following the collabs with Derek Bailey and Fennesz.

      • Pete Says:

        Right. I figured this might be the case. It always seems odd that musicians with otherwise impeccable standards release collections of their table scraps. I mean – do they genuinely believe the collections are worthwhile or are they hoping to make a buck?

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