Silk and Dogs – Yunnan + Listening Habits Post-Last FM

August 2010

Silk and Dogs – Yunnan

Yesterday, part of the same system that continues to bring devastating flooding to Pakistan.

I don’t really want to add anything else, as it is a constantly changing situation. I would urge people to donate money to the Pakistan relief appeal though.


Last FM

Having recently attached myself to Last FM, my listening habits have changed somewhat, largely in the pointless task of listening to something that hardly anyone has listened to according to the Scrobbler stats. Obviously I could achieve this with some ease by just listening to my own work, but where would the challenge be in that. Instead, I thought I’d try it with regular items from my WMP library such as it is. The best result so far, and I really haven’t been trying too hard owing to the possibly more pressing concern of finishing my literature review, has been Baby Dodds, who has a mere 2000 listens so far. So, a swift run down of top listens this week, which are hardly about trying to find the smallest number…I’ll put some effort in with that post-September when I have more time:

5. Stephan Mathieu – Radioland

My Father
4. Swans – My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky

Black City
3. Matthew Dear – Black City

2. Aidan Baker and Tim Hecker – Fantasma-Parastasie

Life Witout Fear
1. Ekkehard Ehlers – A Life Without Fear

Two new ones in the pack there. I quite like the new Swans album, even though some people have been saying it is not as visceral as earlier stuff. Perhaps it’s because Gira isn’t the sort of person to compromise what he sees as a way forwards to placate people who want a rehash of earlier work? Black City is also good, and not at all what I expected from Matthew Dear. A lush and brooding production.

Am off until early September, to combine meetings with old friends. Though not in a way that means my house is empty. Back soon.


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