Last FM updates

Just a small note to say that Heroines of the U.S.S.R, Creeping Jaw Society and Silk and Dogs now have tracks streaming and available for free download at Last FM, including a fair amount of stuff not available in the archive, such as the Cimmerian EP, A Map of Lost Causes, Winter, Dawn of Dogs EP and Nine Works for Piano in their entireties (The first two in that list are my favourites, or at least the things I am happiest with…the others are sort of an interesting look back at why my old ideas and production techniques weren’t so great). I’ll hopefully be adding much older material by the likes of The Fucking Fulfords, Ptolemy Pegram’s Big Noise Band, Kid In A Drawer and Garcia Dances The Jttrbg to the archive shortly as a way of cataloguing the old WDT/VSTM/School of Unthink stuff I have.

Last FM links:

The penultimate track in the Provinces project by Silk and Dogs will be posted tomorrow/Friday, but is already available on the aforementioned ( titled Yunnan), with a 30 second preview of the final track, unsurprisingly called ‘Tibet’, also available (full download from mid September). There will also be a ‘Recent Listening Habits’ post up shortly, using the helpful scrobbling service so beloved by everyone, to see what I’ve listened to in the last week or so. Early September, there will also be a sizeable post on horses. I’m not sure why.


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