Albums of the Week: Last Week July – First Week August

A small update, to come in advance of a more sizeable post on ‘stations’ and ‘horses’; the former will arrive this weekend/Monday, the latter, about three weeks later. A loose time line for the title of this post then, largely because I was briefly in Luton for Zoe’s birthday, visiting assorted family members and so forth (apologies to those I missed). I don’t really want to add too much, as I think this is more of a touching post to remind me of certain things come a lengthy 2010 rundown/review after Nightmare Before Christmas. In no particular order then, I’ve been listening to-

The Suburbs
Arcade Fire – The Suburbs

Tiger Flower Circle Sun
Christopher Willits – Tiger Flower Circle Sun

Between Buildings and Trees
Andrew Thomas – Between Buildings and Trees

The Way Out
The Books – The Way Out

Play Scar
Chris Abrahams – Play Scar

Crush Depth
Chrome Hoof – Crush Depth

Heavy Ghost Appendices
DM Stith – Heavy Ghost Appendices

Something That Has Form
On/Fennesz – Something That Has Form…

Glitterbug – Privilege

Live In NYC
Moritz Von Oswald Trio – Live In New York


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3 Responses to “Albums of the Week: Last Week July – First Week August”

  1. postmodernidiosyncrasies Says:

    I’ve kept trying to make time in my busy, busy schedule to listen to the new Arcade Fire album but for some reason it keeps slipping my conscious mind. Which is weird, given how much I like the first two. Or did until the BBC co-opted half of Funeral for their trails department.

  2. postmodernidiosyncrasies Says:

    Oh yeah and, drink?

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