Albums of the Week: May 23rd – 29th + Garcia

The return of my top ten recommendations for listening, obtainable via parting with money, nepotism, using spotify/last fm, piracy etc. In no particular order, as they’re all pretty good, and this is meant as more of a ‘What Is On Rotation’ type deal. Having said ‘Food – Quiet Inlet and Lorn – Nothing Else would top things if an order was imposed.

Clubroot – II MMX

Lorn – Nothing Else

Rene Hell – Porcelain Opera

Actress – Splazsh

Olan Mill – Pine

@C – Music for Empty Spaces

Emeralds – Does It Look Like I’m Here

Oval – Oh!

T + + – Wireless

Food – Quiet Inlet

Stokes came up at the beginning of the month, and we carved out a nice twenty minute improv, constructed on several layers from analogue synth, guitar, vocals of various kinds, bells, no-input mixing desk and tribal powers! (no light box this time). From that session, we have, I think, three completed tracks. The first, I put together from the recordings made on Chris’ four/six/eight track, the second, Chris’ version of the track also culled from the original and third, a remix I made using the constituent parts but rearranging and distorting them in new and (hopefully) exciting ways. Not too sure what to do with it yet – free-to-download, actual physical release, net only release…both an attempt to attach ourselves to ‘real’ labels – but the version Chris constructed is available here, assuming his site hasn’t been randomly erased again.


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