Silk and Dogs – Jiangsu

May 2010
Jiangsu (Right Click Here, and ‘Save As’ to Download)

Ma Yaohai, a professor at Nanjing University, was jailed for three and a half years by a Nanjing court earlier this week, guilty of the charge of “group licentiousness”. Between 2007-2009, he was engaged in numerous group sex acts with nineteen or twenty one others (who also received jail terms…the exact number seems to vary across news coverage) at his home, where Chinese authorities believe he lived with his elderly mother. This case raises a number of questions about the sexual civil liberties in the PRC. There is growing pressure for such laws to be reviewed, and China sits on an awkward bridge between increased sexual experimentation, and legal prevention. Pornography is banned, except if you can get hold of the software to circumvent the government website blocks, and many do. A sizeable number of Chinese cities operate ‘adult health shops’ selling a variety of sex toys and related materials. How the authorities proceed after this case is uncertain, with public opinion also veering wildly from utter disgust to feelings of anger at continued government interference in the populations private lives. In her blog earlier this year,¬†Beijing sexologist (yes…this is the actual term) Li Yinhe suggested the 1997 law banning “group licentiousness” should be abandoned. “If the nation’s laws interfere with this sort of activity of people in private, then it seems like the participants’ bodies aren’t their own, they’re the government’s”. This case highlights that the government, as yet, are unwilling to change their minds or their legislation when it comes to sexual liberties.

This composition, in fairly simplistic terms, represents a slightly drugged up orgy.

Li Yinhe’s blog (in Mandarin)


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