Creeping Jaw Society – Election Special EP

Creeping Jaw Society – Election Special EP

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Download Individual Tracks (scroll down to Creeping Jaw section)

The ‘Election Special EP’ was put together during the general election campaign, though the music doesn’t especially reference it…it was just an excuse to put some new work out. End communication (a long winded post on Newcastle, Jenny Holzer, Modernist/Brutalist architecture will appear this coming week)


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2 Responses to “Creeping Jaw Society – Election Special EP”

  1. DJ Oxygen (Matt) Says:

    i’ve been following you guys (or you) for a while now… ever since your tracks went up on i’ve been listening to your 2 or so tracks haha. Very impressed at what i hear over 6 years ago, & i hope i still am- find me on soundcloud if you like, i’d LOVE to hear from you! -DJ Oxygen

  2. Chris Stokes » New Video! Sky Attack! Says:

    […] Creeping Jaw Society provided the audio, using only samples taken from the game itself and warping and manipulating them into the beat for the animation to follow. […]

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