Vote Creeping Jaw Society!

Long time, no hello. Apologies for my lack of (inter)action. To coincide with the general election (well…in honesty, thematically, there is no link aside from track titles, but it seemed like a pertinent time to try some new material out), Creeping Jaw will be releasing an EP titled Election Special. It runs to around 20 minutes and contains the following tracks:

1.  Five Minutes to Three

2.  How We Get Things Done in Mexico

3.  Joanna In The Maze of Icons

4.  Your Mark

5.  The Result

The EP will be available to download either in its entirety, or split in to individual tracks, from May 6th. It contains entirely new CJS material created via a unique brand of limited programming experience, disastrous synths, lots of crackle and miniature fragments from artists including Joanna Newsom, Actress, Murcof, Alex Smoke, Flying Lotus, SCB, Heroines of the U.S.S.R, Moderat, Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir, Horizontal Ground, Kaito, Four Tet, Husky Rescue, Tomfire, Bola, Lisa Germano, Kyle Hall and Gaiser.

In the meantime, click here for a minute-long preview of a ghost screaming in The Result (the tracks will 320kbps rather than the 192kbps on the sample). Saturday/Sunday, possibly, albums of the week(s).


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