Band Names That Were Never Used

Danny asked me my opinion on two band names the other day. This coincided with my finding an old notepad file of band names in a long forgotten folder (whilst clearing my hard drive of unnecessary stuff…the usual…old PhD proposals, music I secretly hate, Jovian porn). Many are animal related, some are from song titles. It seems fairly obvious why they were never used, but feel free to take one. I’m not entirely sure when they were written down, so it’s possible someone else might have come up with the same ideas independently, and now have a prog band named River of the Replicants.

Badger Temple
The Art of Parties
Blue Rocket Protocol
Salamander Theory
Puppy Coalition
Britney Cornell and the Fabulous Noise Company
Messy Usher Method
Iron Seagulls
River of the Replicants
The Viola In My Life
Sons of Pioneers
My Tiger, My Timing
The Wednesday Evening
March of the Fuckers

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6 Responses to “Band Names That Were Never Used”

  1. tom Says:

    weren’t sons of (the) pioneers a 40s/50s ish country group? as well as being a track on that japan album. (which i guess i’d be in a band called ‘the art of parties’ if i was okay with being in a band named after a song on someone else’s album. which, not so much, not right now.)

    i had a great band name towards the end of last year that came to me in a moment of drunken clarity and i have completely forgotten what it is

  2. Anna Says:

    Great list of names – my band is called My Tiger My Timing (no comma though)!


  3. tom Says:

    enjoy the company of starsailor and my chemical romance then

    BADGER TEMPLE is kind of one for the ages, isn’t it?

  4. The Institute of Spectralogical Audio Research Says:

    another joke disappearance warning

  5. The Institute of Spectralogical Audio Research Says:

    I always thought Badger Temple was too close to Lee’s commission to use. Perhaps I should reinvestigate

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