Filling Gaps

Sadly I am stupidly busy with work this week and have been unable to get around to five albums etc. Next week is largely the same owing to covering for a sick colleague. By Monday the 15th of Feb I hope to be able to put up some preliminary sketches for a memory map I have been working on, mixing psychogeographic exploration, faulty recollection and concealed histories. It will hopefully form part of a larger work that I am aiming to finish in 2010 seeing as I have slightly more free time this year than next (teaching, PhD etc.) To fill the gap between today and two weeks away, or thereabouts, here is a brief list of 5 things I can recommend listening to.

The Knife – Tomorrow, In A Year

Pangaea – Self Titled EP

Robert Curgenven – Oltre

Weird Tales for Winter

Seasons (Pre-Din) – Stars and Lights Together We Fall

See if you can find them out, have a listen and tell me what you think. Back in a bit…


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