Albums of the Week + Apology

I’ll add the apology first. I had a piece about Edward Woodward and The Wicker Man as a combined obit and hauntological exploration, but I was sadly sidetracked by getting a job at last, and so, as ever, things went on the back burner. As way of an apology, and for missing last Friday, an early addition of albums of the week that includes more than five albums. Amazing.
The Edward Woodward piece will follow, hopefully, next week or thereabouts. A review of ATP Nightmare Before Christmas will also arrive after the event.

Albums of the Week

Mountains – Etching

The Necks – Silverwater

Aufgang – Aufgang

King Midas Sound – Waiting For You

2562 – Unbalance

ABC – The Lexicon of Love

Matt Elliott – Drinking Songs

Numerous pleasing listens abound in the past week plus, and the happy return of The Necks added to this. Hanging Gardens and The Chemist are past favourites, and Silverwater offers a nice dose of Minimalist influenced playing, nimble unhurried percussion and intertwining bass work. Mountains are a beautiful group. Choral is an amazing album and Etchings seems to be an EP high-lighting the processes which brought it about. It is ‘live’ apparently, in that it was recorded in one go. 30 minutes in and it reaches an impressive crescendo, unusual for a release that is classified as ‘ambient’.

My favourite of the week was a return to Matt Elliott’s Drinking Songs, which was released 4 years ago now. The tracks bleed in to one another, repeat themes and characters, are haunted by the ghosts of lost sailors, soldiers and the bars they inhabit(ed) and are eventually pulled apart by the twenty minute closer ‘The Maid We Messed’. ‘The Kursk’ and ‘What’s Wrong’ are top for me, even if the latter does remind me of Fagin in Oliver Twist. The former does a neat trick of merging the acoustic elements and over-layered vocals with electronic manipulation of a delicate and nurturing kind that I myself try and fail to cultivate in my work. Worth finding.


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