Albums of the Week

‘An infrequent revelation’ some say! ‘Water treading’ offer others. Every Friday, a brief five item list of what has been spinning on the turntable (or more likely from the laptop).

Albums listened to this week include:

Bottin – Horror Disco

Steve Reich – Different Trains

Noveller – Red Rainbows

Bugskull – Phantasies and Senseitions

Delia Derbyshire – Electrosonic

Obviously if any end up being repeated I’ll just have to lie and pretend I listened to something else. I reckon I average maybe five new things (new to me) a week, so perhaps this will work. Next week a dazzling array of ELABORATIONS as to why these things are good/being listened to/should be listened to by other people.
Obviously this week Bottin qualifies on the basis of cover art alone. Stupendous! Noveller is this weeks recommended listen I’d say; made by SarahLipstate who has worked with the likes of Parts & Labour + ColdCave as well as personal favourite Rhys Chatham. The album is awash with an extraterrestrial guitar sound not dissimilar to Chatham, as well as some enveloping drone work that reminds me of dusk in a clearing sky. Worth a go.

You get part of her film ‘Interior Variations’ on the enhanced CD apparently.


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