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Welcome to the Institute of Spectralogical Audio Research, which is a big overarching name for what is essentially a small operation collecting and disseminating information/music/words/thoughts relating to the work I am presently involved in. It will be a ramshackle hub and meeting post for like minded (and not so) souls, and will hopefully draw links between numerous different fields of enquiry in literature, film, cultural and critical theory, music, art, philosophy, urban studies and so on. Collaborations will be an important part of this process, along with showcasing the work of others from (dis)similar backgrounds.

Ultimately it is a space for discussion and ideas. Personally, I have wanted for a long time to have a space where I can unify the disparate elements of my work; musical projects like Heroines of the U.S.S.R, fiction and non fiction writing which I sporadically produce, and now my research in to hauntological sound, urban space and memory.

As ever it will be rough and ready, confusing, wildly inaccurate, infuriating, ugly, oft ignored by the author and, most of the time, a garbled miscellany. That is sort of the point.

For specific information on my current academic work, and a more detailed raison d’être, please consult the ‘About’ page.


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