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An Interlude feat. A Disintegration Loop/Edward Woodward

November 25, 2009

Despite mentioning yesterday that I would be posting an obituary to Edward Woodward, in the process of adding an entry to A Disintegration Loop (the blog I use to collect the tired scribbles I collect in the morning having attempted to write down what I was dreaming) I noticed Edward’s name pop up part way through. It seems the name is all about the place at the minute:

Edward Bedford

As tribute, or rather garbled confused nocturnal rambling, I thought I should put it up here, with fictional additions. You can read the original to check the differences if you’re that way inclined. Most of it seems to be about me drinking, which says a lot for the state of my mind when I originally conjured the thing (sometime in 2006/7 I think, prior to moving to York for the first time any way)

“In Luton, well…initially some nondescript countryside outside Luton, where a small community has sprung up around an impressive tree, with a face carved in to it. There are buildings of various kinds, a factory, a threshers (in the tradional sense of that word), a milliners and a pub called ‘The ____ Horse’. I go there with friends, as a sort of pub crawl. Start in the country and move to the town is the idea. Fresh air and all that. We take up a table in front of the bar. Behind us is a window with a view of the tree and then rolling hills. Many people are outside, and seem to be trying to get in. For once, they are not zombies. The staff treat their presence as a joke. I drink several beers, all of which are good as I remember it (this was obviously important to me; I maintain a habit of writing down what I’ve had to avoid drinking things I hate and have forgotten the name of…sad but practical). I also order food. On the menu, the food I like is 6.95. I eat it, but when it comes to paying, a charge of £26 is made. Apparently I ate some incredibly pricey popcorn. I don’t understand how this has happened. I protest, loudly and for an extended period. The barmaid seems angry. I think she is married to the owner, making her the landlady. Her husband looks very much like Edward Woodward. He offers no help. Leaving my companions behind I storm off without paying for anything.

Outside is deserted, the odd horde of people are gone. I stroll leisurely in to the town, knowing I am not being chased for non payment. Back in Luton I attempt to board a train at the new station (located where P&T music used to be, if you know the area). I then remember that I am meant to be meeting Chris for a drink. I make my way past several establishments; one is called ‘Pete’s Place’. They are all along High Town Road.

When I finally reach the pub where Chris resides, he is on the way out, trying to find me. We return. He too has ordered food. He says ‘I thought I was eating alone again this week’ but I am unsure what to make of this. I respond by recounting my story. Two identical men sit near us, staring intently at both me and the meal Chris is eating. Eventually I order a drink, which is called Harvey’s _______. It comes in a small glass and looks like coke. I try and pay with a ten pound note but the barmaid wont accept it as she believes I have a smaller denomination.”


Albums of the Week + Apology

November 24, 2009

I’ll add the apology first. I had a piece about Edward Woodward and The Wicker Man as a combined obit and hauntological exploration, but I was sadly sidetracked by getting a job at last, and so, as ever, things went on the back burner. As way of an apology, and for missing last Friday, an early addition of albums of the week that includes more than five albums. Amazing.
The Edward Woodward piece will follow, hopefully, next week or thereabouts. A review of ATP Nightmare Before Christmas will also arrive after the event.

Albums of the Week

Mountains – Etching

The Necks – Silverwater

Aufgang – Aufgang

King Midas Sound – Waiting For You

2562 – Unbalance

ABC – The Lexicon of Love

Matt Elliott – Drinking Songs

Numerous pleasing listens abound in the past week plus, and the happy return of The Necks added to this. Hanging Gardens and The Chemist are past favourites, and Silverwater offers a nice dose of Minimalist influenced playing, nimble unhurried percussion and intertwining bass work. Mountains are a beautiful group. Choral is an amazing album and Etchings seems to be an EP high-lighting the processes which brought it about. It is ‘live’ apparently, in that it was recorded in one go. 30 minutes in and it reaches an impressive crescendo, unusual for a release that is classified as ‘ambient’.

My favourite of the week was a return to Matt Elliott’s Drinking Songs, which was released 4 years ago now. The tracks bleed in to one another, repeat themes and characters, are haunted by the ghosts of lost sailors, soldiers and the bars they inhabit(ed) and are eventually pulled apart by the twenty minute closer ‘The Maid We Messed’. ‘The Kursk’ and ‘What’s Wrong’ are top for me, even if the latter does remind me of Fagin in Oliver Twist. The former does a neat trick of merging the acoustic elements and over-layered vocals with electronic manipulation of a delicate and nurturing kind that I myself try and fail to cultivate in my work. Worth finding.

Albums of the Week

November 13, 2009

‘An infrequent revelation’ some say! ‘Water treading’ offer others. Every Friday, a brief five item list of what has been spinning on the turntable (or more likely from the laptop).

Albums listened to this week include:

Bottin – Horror Disco

Steve Reich – Different Trains

Noveller – Red Rainbows

Bugskull – Phantasies and Senseitions

Delia Derbyshire – Electrosonic

Obviously if any end up being repeated I’ll just have to lie and pretend I listened to something else. I reckon I average maybe five new things (new to me) a week, so perhaps this will work. Next week a dazzling array of ELABORATIONS as to why these things are good/being listened to/should be listened to by other people.
Obviously this week Bottin qualifies on the basis of cover art alone. Stupendous! Noveller is this weeks recommended listen I’d say; made by SarahLipstate who has worked with the likes of Parts & Labour + ColdCave as well as personal favourite Rhys Chatham. The album is awash with an extraterrestrial guitar sound not dissimilar to Chatham, as well as some enveloping drone work that reminds me of dusk in a clearing sky. Worth a go.

You get part of her film ‘Interior Variations’ on the enhanced CD apparently.


November 7, 2009

irish fog cem

Welcome to the Institute of Spectralogical Audio Research, which is a big overarching name for what is essentially a small operation collecting and disseminating information/music/words/thoughts relating to the work I am presently involved in. It will be a ramshackle hub and meeting post for like minded (and not so) souls, and will hopefully draw links between numerous different fields of enquiry in literature, film, cultural and critical theory, music, art, philosophy, urban studies and so on. Collaborations will be an important part of this process, along with showcasing the work of others from (dis)similar backgrounds.

Ultimately it is a space for discussion and ideas. Personally, I have wanted for a long time to have a space where I can unify the disparate elements of my work; musical projects like Heroines of the U.S.S.R, fiction and non fiction writing which I sporadically produce, and now my research in to hauntological sound, urban space and memory.

As ever it will be rough and ready, confusing, wildly inaccurate, infuriating, ugly, oft ignored by the author and, most of the time, a garbled miscellany. That is sort of the point.

For specific information on my current academic work, and a more detailed raison d’être, please consult the ‘About’ page.

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